Our Rental Terms & Conditions

A.Our Insurance Policy

First we want to ensure that you are fully insured against damages to the rented car.
Our Collision Damage Waiver policy covers you against all damages to the A&D’s car, except for the first portion of the claim (Excess) in the event of damage or theft to the rented car. The excess amount varies for each model and it appears in the reservation form during your reservation. You are then given the option to “zero” the excess by choosing our optional “Full Damage Waiver” policy at an exceptionally low charge.
However , the wheels (tires and rims) and the underside of the vehicle are not insured.
What is the insurance policy for the motorbikes or scooter?
We offer to our customers several insurance policies, with the aim to provide them with a trouble-free experience and minimize their risk as much as possible.
We provide Third Party Insurance that covers for all material damages or death and injuries towards Third Parties.
In addition to that basic policy we provide Collision Damage Waiver insurance and Theft Insurance for the Scooters and Motorcycles  with an “excess” that varies with the model. Full Insurance with zero excess is not provided for these vehicles. All the above insurance policies are included in the basic rates and there are no hidden or optional charges.
All mandatory insurances are included in the rates.
There are some optional policies, such as Full Damage Waiver, Personal Accident Insurance and Second Driver insurance which are clearly presented as optional extras during the on-line reservation process.

B.Car Pick-up and Return

Our representative will meet-and-greet you in the arrival’s place. We will hold an A&D’s Car Rentals board . Does Pick-up and Drop-off takes place beyond working hours?
You can pick up or drop off the rented car 24/7. The delivery and collection is free during office hours (07:00 – 23:30). Beyond these hours we apply a charge of 20€.
Can I collect my car or bike anywhere in the island?
You can collect or return your rental vehicle at your accommodation anywhere in the island, at the airport or at the port. We do not charge for deliveries within 20Kms range from our office. Beyond that range there is a delivery charge that varies between 10€ and 20€ depending on the distance and of which you are informed during the reservation process.
Most of the popular locations are included in the locations’ drop-down list where you can select yours during the first step of your reservation process and be informed of any charge if applies. If your accommodation’s location is not listed, please fill in the name and place of the hotel in the comments section.
What is your fuel policy?
We are offering a fair fuel policy. On return, the rented car or bike should have the same quantity of fuel as when received.
What if I delay the return of the car?
You can contact us and we can arrange for you keeping the car longer, if it is available. You will be charged the local discounted rates for extra days. In case of no early notice, extra charge applies. In particular, a delay shorter than 1 hour is free of charge. The rate of a daily rental applies to delays longer than 1 hour.

C.During your rental

You can ONLY take the rented CAR outside Zakynthos - but only within national boarders - WITH a written approval from A&D’s Rentals. There is a flat charge of 20€ per dayregardless of distance covered or days outside the island.
Motorbikes and scooters are not allowed to be taken outside Zakynthos due to insurance restrictions.
Are helmets mandatory in Greece?
Yes they are and we provide them to our customers free of charge. The customer is responsible for any fines for not wearing a helmet.

Can I prolong my rental after the rental start date?
Yes of course you can, but we apply local discounted rates for the extended period.
Road Assistance
We provide our customers with free road assistance in case of a mechanical failure or accident during business hours 7am to 9pm.
There is no  kilometer limit during your rental period. Thank you.